U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan is a self-made businessman, who knows what it takes to create jobs and jump-start the economy. He understands that America’s greatness comes from its entrepreneurial spirit and pro-growth, free-market policies.

Buchanan is the only Florida member of Congress to serve on the powerful House Ways & Means Committee and its two most influential Subcommittees – Health & Trade. A tireless champion for small business, Buchanan is an outspoken advocate of reforming the U.S. tax code to make it simpler, fairer and less burdensome to any would-be entrepreneur.

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Creating Jobs

U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan is a self-made businessman. He knows what it means to balance a budget, meet a payroll, and to exercise fiscal discipline [...]

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Tax Relief for middle-class working Amer...

The U.S. tax code punishes families trying to make ends meet and employers trying to compete in the global marketplace. If we are serious about [...]

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Retirement Security

Senior citizens and retirees living on their Nest Eggs are particularly vulnerable to the current economic difficulties. Many are worried about [...]

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